Meet Our Neighbors:
Wayland School of Music

In this installment of “Meet Our Neighbors” I sit down down with Penelope (Penny) Wayne-Shapiro, the visionary founder and director of the Wayland School of Music.

Step behind the curtain of the Wayland School of Music for an exclusive glimpse into the world of private and group instrumental lessons. Discover the school’s unique pedagogical approaches and gain insight into its philosophy on music education in the Boston area.

Penny generously shares valuable insights into the school’s services, emphasizing its dedication to tailored teaching methods that cater to individual student needs, rather than adhering to a one-size-fits-all approach.

Whether you’re considering learning a new instrument, nurturing a child’s musical interests, or seeking a music school that prioritizes both students and teachers’ well-being, this episode featuring Penny Wayne-Shapiro promises an enriching and enlightening experience at the Wayland School of Music.

Experience the musical talent firsthand as Penny performs II. Allegro Brusco, graciously granting permission for its inclusion in this segment.

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