Meet Our Neighbors: Wayland, MA Town Moderator Miranda Jones

In this episode of “Meet Our Neighbors,” join Ashley Fuller, a real estate agent from Boston MetroWest, as she interviews Miranda Jones, the first elected female Town Moderator of Wayland, MA.

Step behind the scenes with Miranda Jones, the dedicated Town Moderator of Wayland, MA. In this engaging video, Miranda recounts her journey through various town positions to her election as Town Moderator.

Join us for an inside look into the responsibilities of town moderation with Miranda Jones, Wayland, MA’s trailblazing first elected female Town Moderator. 

In this insightful interview, Miranda discusses the nuances of her role, sharing valuable perspectives and personal stories about her path in civic leadership.

As a community trailblazer, Miranda offers a fresh outlook on the Town Moderator’s duties. From managing town meetings to encouraging community involvement, her dedication to public service is evident as she talks about her experiences and her hopes for Wayland’s future.

Learn about the challenges and successes of holding such a key role in local governance. Miranda talks openly about her vision for the town’s growth and progress, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity, transparency, and collaboration in fostering positive change in Wayland.

Whether you’re a local resident invested in the community’s well-being or just curious about how town governance works, this interview provides valuable insights and inspiration. 

Join us to gain a deeper understanding of the Town Moderator’s role and explore the potential for a brighter future under Miranda Jones’s leadership.

Don’t miss this compelling conversation with Miranda Jones – Wayland’s pioneering voice in town moderation and advocate for progress. Hit play now and join the discussion shaping the future of our community.

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