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Come along and meet the folks who live and work in our community. Check back in for new videos every few weeks! 

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What is Meet Our Neighbors? 

“Meet Our Neighbors” is your backstage pass to the everyday heroes who make your neighborhood tick.
  • Have you ever really met your local small business owners?
  • Gotten to know your trusty trash collectors?
  • Shaken hands (or waved from a distance, depending on your preference) with your hardworking municipal employees?
  • How about giving a high-five to the volunteers who keep the spirit of your community alive? 
Well, we’ve got you covered, and we’re taking it up a notch!
Picture this: learning to play the violin with the local music shop owner. Or maybe discovering your inner Picasso with an art lesson from the neighborhood artist.
And for the thrill-seekers, we’ll even hitch a ride on the back of a trash truck (don’t worry, we promise to keep it clean)!
“Meet Our Neighbors” is your one-stop-shop for heartwarming stories and plenty of moments that’ll make you question, “Why did I never strike up a conversation with that person next door?”
We’re bridging the gap between neighbors, one episode at a time, and we promise you’ll be entertained, inspired, and maybe even a little bit jealous of the community you didn’t realize you had right at your doorstep.
So, stay tuned in and get ready to bond with the folks who make our corner of the world truly special. 

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